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From John Rose and the Daily News-Record

Also: R. C. Harvey on T. K. Ryan and Tumbleweeds.



Cartoon County at the Bruce Museum

Brian Walker, Neal Walker, Chance Browne, Greg Walker and Cullen Murphy

The comics page has been a delight for generations of readers around the world. In southern Connecticut, its production was a combination of a cottage industry and a family trade.

The sons of three famous comics-creators reminisced about the family business at a panel discussion, “The Golden Age of Cartooning in Connecticut,” at the Bruce Museum on Thursday evening, offering up old photos and observations about a creative community that put the fun in the funny pages.

Earlier this month some famous cartoonists, themselves the progeny of famous cartoonists, were the stars of a panel discussion at the Bruce Museum where the Masterpieces from the Museum of Cartoon Art exhibit is currently on view through April 20th.

The Connecticut Post covers the panel that was “attended by a sell-out crowd.”



Speaking of The Museum of Cartoon Art…

Frank Rizzo yesterday described the troubled history of the Mort Walker
“established…first home dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of cartoon art.”
Again it is the Connecticut Post carrying the story.



Bill Peet Animation Artist AND Gag Cartoonist

I had no idea that he tried his hand at gag cartooning as well. Here are a few from his wonderful Caldecott Award-winning autobiography BILL PEET AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

He sent his gag cartoons to the top markets of the day: Collier’s, True, the Post and The New Yorker. They were all rejected.

Mike Lynch shows some great art and good gags from Bill Peet.



A Sketchy Interview with Mort Gerberg

Sketchy Interviews is a recurring series on Gothamist featuring visual interviews with some of the best illustrators, cartoonists and graphic artists working in the city today.

Mort Gerberg sketches the answers to The Gothamist’s latest questions.
With links to earlier interviews.



Dogs Don’t Whisper – More Cartoons

About 17 years ago I became an instructor in a dog school and a few years later, after obtaining the required diplomas, I upgraded myself to Dog Behavior Therapist.

hanks to this job and our own 3 Belgian Shepherds I learned to look at life through dogs eyes more and more. This opened a whole new world and because of the numerous typical and funny situations I wanted to make a comic strip about it for a long time, but… never had the time to do it.

Today, I still don’t have the time but I decided to ignore that small negligible detail and go for it anyway.

Jeroen van Rossum has a good cartoon style and writes some good dog gags.



8 Facts About Shel Silverstein

If you couldn’t already tell by The Giving Tree’s sad conclusion, Silverstein didn’t believe in giving his stories happy endings. He felt that doing so would alienate his young readers. “The child asks why I don’t have this happiness thing you’re telling me about, and comes to think when his joy stops that he has failed, that it won’t come back,” the author said in a 1978 interview.

Mental Floss lists eight things you might not know about Shel Siverstein.



Job For You? – DC Comics Managing Editor

DC Comics seeks a Managing Editor for the Editorial-DC Comics department. Manages editorial schedules for all DC imprints, (DC Comics, Vertigo, DC Black Label, DC Ink, DC Zoom and New Publishing Initiatives) ensuring projects meet their production dates. Work with all imprint executive editors to coordinate talent assignment to ensure target dates are met. Liaises with talent services department to ensure payment to talent.

Warner Bros. Careers

Hat tip to Newsarama

The Managing Editor position will oversee the schedule for all five of its active publishing lines (DC, Vertigo, Black Label, Ink, Zoom), as well as other projects under its ‘New Publishing Initiatives’ grouping, which it approximates as 850 books. The hire for this position will work with each line’s Executive Editor on scheduling, talent assignments, and freelancer pay.

The Managing Editor would also work with the Talent Services department on the schedules of the comic division’s approximately 400 freelancers. The job posting specifically references managing “priority and exclusive talent” in an stated goal to maintain a “tighter” pool of creators.



Maurice Sendak – From Wild Horses to Wild Things

Fans of “Where the Wild Things Are,” Maurice Sendak’s most famous book, might know every page by heart.

But few know the winding path it took from idea to published book – a gestation process that involved experimentation, playfulness and persistence.

The Conversation looks at the development of Maurice Sendak’s famous book.