Updates and Add-ons — Here and There


We’ve had an unusual amount of updates and it’s not practical to bump every one of them to the top of the list, so lets review them here.


Wayne Stayskal – RIP

The first update to Wayne’s obituary was bumped up. Since that there has been more added. Also, earlier today,  The Chicago Tribune has published a memorial to their former editorial cartoonist. Right now it’s behind a paywall for me, but maybe not for you.



Werner Wejp-Olsen – RIP

Added to the Werner page is a very nice tribute by comics editor Richard Marschall. The Wejp-Olsen family on Facebook says Werner was laid to rest November 24 (my understanding is in his native Denmark).

In all of this sorrow, yesterday was an incredibly beautiful farewell.
The funeral was a funeral for an ever loving, kind man and an adventurous dreamer, leaving behind inspiration for us all to keep on wishing upon a star and to be different.
May love and inspiration be with you all.



Scenes From The Alley

above: Lio from 2008

Added the Gasoline Alley strip marking 100 years and 1 day to the “Scenes” page.



Daily Republic Comics – Rock and Hard Place

As promised I added the paper’s new current daily comics lineup, and the (two year) old lineup.
[There’s also a short Buster Keaton clip.]



GoComics Pulls ‘Offensive’ Bushmiller Nancy Comic

This was not my post so I’m hesitant to add to it, especially any offensive content.

Usual John has posted a link to the Nancy strip that was pulled in the comments.

Other commentor LususNaturae mentioned a comic strip that was caught before it was posted. For historical reasons here is a link to that strip with a warning that it is truly offensive: see the strip here.



The Mild Quandary of the Dedicated Thanksgiving Comic

Also not my post but this isn’t an update.

This interesting post giving some background on the syndicate business can be paired with a GoComics blog post also about U.S. comics and foreign/translated distribution.