GoComics Pulls ‘Offensive’ Bushmiller Nancy Comic

A “Classic Nancy” comic from Ernie Bushmiller was pulled by GoComics in reaction to the strip’s “negative” and “racist stereotypes” content. While the strip has been replaced, the comments from earlier in the day remain.


EDIT: The strip can still be seen at UExpress.com https://www.uexpress.com/go-comics?amu=/nancy-classics/2018/11/20

EDIT: The strip has been removed from UExpress as well.

2 thoughts on “GoComics Pulls ‘Offensive’ Bushmiller Nancy Comic

  1. From your tone, I take it that The Daily Cartoonist finds this ‘censorship’ distasteful? I see no mention in this article of another strip that was previously pulled and replaced on April 25, 2017, by GoComics for the same reason.

    Note the disclaimer by GoComics above that strip:


    Your reporting is disingenuously unthorough. As was* mentioned multiple times in the comments (which you apparently did read at some point, as you’ve quoted my “racist stereotypes” comments from there), again, precedent had previously been set by GoComics for substituting out a racist strip. To not do so in this case would be hypocritical and setting up double-standards in terms of which *kind* of racism is tacitly acceptable and which not.

    *(The whole substitute strip and comments section from Nov. 20 have been pulled now.)

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