Polygon Lists ‘Most-Influential’ Web Comics of ‘All-Time’

From the piece:

But, like literally everything in our society, the internet transformed them. Instead of having to pay thousands for a print job or go through one of a few publishing companies, aspiring cartoonists can now reach a massive audience just by scanning and posting their work online. Enter webcomics, which have proved to be a launching pad for globally famous talent, a way to advance the art form and a fine way to make a living.


3 thoughts on “Polygon Lists ‘Most-Influential’ Web Comics of ‘All-Time’

  1. Appallingly incomplete. No mention of Doctor Fun, Kevin & Kell, Sluggy Freelance, PVP… I could go on.

  2. Yeah, if they’d only neglected me I wouldn’t have commented. But the others I mentioned absolutely deserved recognition.

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