Steve Kelley is New Post-Gazette Ed-Op Cartoonist

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Publisher and Editor-in-Chief John Robinson Block has announced the appointment of Steve Kelley as the Post-Gazette’s new editorial cartoonist.

Said Mr. Block: “Since my grandfather acquired the Post-Gazette in 1923, cartooning has been a hallowed tradition of this newspaper. It is with great pride and pleasure that I welcome Steve Kelley. I am confident that he will be worthy of the legacy of the great Cy Hungerford.”



Mr. Kelley was formerly the editorial cartoonist for the San Diego Union-Tribune and the New Orleans Times- Picayune. A National Cartoonists Society Ruben(sic) Award winner, as well as National Headline Award winner, his cartoons are syndicated by Creators Syndicate worldwide. He is also the co-author of Dustin, a comic strip syndicated to some 325 newspapers by King Features Syndicate.

Mr. Kelley becomes only the fourth editorial cartoonist to work for the Post-Gazette – Cyrus Hungerford, Tim Menees, and Rob Rogers preceded him. Mr. Hungerford was the Post-Gazette’s cartoonist for 50 years (1927 to 1977) and a legend both in the city and in cartooning.



In 2009, Mr. Kelley was elected president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. Three years later, Pelican Publishing tapped him to edit the 2012 edition of its popular Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year series.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette announcement.

An archive of recent cartoons by the conservative-leaning Steve at his Creators Syndicate page.
A deep archive at GoComics.

Earlier this year the Post-Gazette famously parted ways with liberal-leaning cartoonist Rob Rogers.



WESA, Pittsburgh’s National Public Radio outlet, carries the story headlined, Post-Gazette Replaces Rob Rogers With ‘Right of Center’ Cartoonist. The item has reaction from Rob Rogers and notes it was a front page story.

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