Candorville/Rudy Park Amalgamation Explained

As Mike Peterson reported (and others had suspicioned) cartoonist Darrin Bell has combined the print editions of his Candorville and Rudy Park comic strips into a single project.


Mike’s observation was spot on (I have a feeling he had met Darrin at the recent CXC), but now Darrin has confirmed and further clarified the reasons for his merging the two comic strips. Health, time, and money concerns all resulted in making the fusion necessary.

Darrin relates:

About a year ago, I published a week of Candorville strips where Lemont was suffering (and ignoring) all the symptoms of a heart attack.

What I didn’t mention until right now was that I wrote and drew those strips in the middle of the night lying flat on my back, and when I emailed them to my syndicate, I thought those might be the last cartoons I would ever be around to draw.

And clarifies that,

 every few weeks (but not too often), you’re all going to see the Rudy Park gang going about their business in Candorville.

But fans of Candorville can

be assured the Candorville characters will continue to be the major players in the strip. “Candorville” will never be gentrified.

Read the full reasoning behind Darrin’s decision.


So the print clients of Rudy Park will be getting the new Candorville strips, while Rudy Park online at GoComics will features reprints. In the comments to a recent Rudy Park – GoComics page Darrin talked about that situation:
“Rudy Park” continues on GoComics and Arcamax as a time capsule of our society from 2010 to 2018 (with strips newly colored, and many of them George Lucased… I mean “updated” when certain references, like Tiger Woods’ love life, are completely unintelligible for a modern audience). Most of you weren’t here back then, so this is all new to you; and you can follow the continuing adventures (so to speak) of the “Rudy Park” cast in “Candorville”.


The last new Rudy Park, independent of Candorville, appeared Friday June 1, 2018:




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