UPDATED: Rob Rogers Cartoons blocked from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette pages

Sports and political cartoonist and journalist Rob Tornoe, who also comments on the media, has an article for today’s (June 4) Philly.com/Philadelphia Inquirer with the latest on the Rob Rogers/Post-Gazette situation.

The problems between Rogers and Burris date back to March, shortly after Burris first took over as the newspaper’s editorial director. On his Facebook page, Rogers confirmed that a cartoon he drew March 18 about an alleged affair between Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels had been killed.

As noted in the NPR story linked as an update at the bottom of the page yesterday:

While the Post-Gazette’s newsroom is unionized, Rogers is not a union member and thus has fewer protections from termination. Sources inside the paper confirm he was still employed by the paper as of Friday.

Even more traction today from CNN Money’s Media section:

No explanation has been given for Rogers’ absence from the paper. Post-Gazette executive editor David Shribman and editorial director Keith Burris did not respond to a request for comment.

Rogers, who has been with the Post-Gazette since 1993 and has drawn in Pittsburgh for more than 30 years, told CNN in an email that he could not comment on the situation, but he did confirm that he is still employed by the paper.

In a bizarre twist, on the day this all started the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette trumpeted that Rob Rogers had just won Golden Quill honors:

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette won…22 Golden Quills – first-place finishes – at the 54th annual Golden Quill Awards banquet Thursday night. Sponsored by the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania, the contest recognizes excellence in written, visual, broadcast and online journalism.

The PG’s first-place winners are…Editorial Cartoon: Rob Rogers, “Faceoff.”



The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is not running the cartoons submitted by Rob Rogers, the newspaper’s editorial cartoonist. The Post-Gazette’s opinion pages editorial team has not run Rob’s political cartoons, in print or on their website, since his May 24th commentary.

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents has the story.

In another bitter blow to journalism in Western Pennsylvania, the Post-Gazette’s new editorial team (based in Toledo, Ohio) are refusing to publish the latest editorial cartoons created by Pittsburgh based Rob Rogers.

Rob has acknowledged, in response to questions, that his cartoons are not being printed in The Post-Gazette but is otherwise keeping silent about the matter.

The cartoons are available on Rob Roger’s website and at GoComics.

No word if Rob’s irregularly issued Brewed on Grant comic strip will be affected.

UPDATE (June 3): Pittsburgh’s NPR station has an article with some new information

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Rob Rogers Cartoons blocked from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette pages

  1. I’ve always loved Rob Rogers and am confused about why he has been censored. I’d like to write a letter to the owners of the Post-Gazette – I’ve subscribed for over 30 years – but am uncertain about what is happening behind the scenes. Is it only because the Block family has become Trump supporters?

    If you have any information which would help me write a letter, I would appreciate it.


  2. Suzanne:
    If the Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents site is accurate, yes.
    They posit that the owners are trying to punish the union at the paper.
    There’s also a tweet making the rounds showing Trump posing with Mr. Block, so there’s that.
    I hope there is grassroots support for Rob there in Pittsburgh making their displeasure known to management at the PPG!

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