Wallace Tripp – RIP

Illustrator Wallace Tripp has passed away.

From Wallace Tripp’s Facebook page earlier today:

Dear friends, Wally has passed on to the Studio in the Sky.
He had a wonderful life full of love, laughter, art, music and airplanes.

June 26, 1940 – September 9, 2018


A bit of biography from the Wally Tripp homepage:

Wallace “Wally” Tripp is an American Illustrator best known for his children’s books and Pawprints Greeting Cards. Wally was born in Boston in 1940 and grew up in rural New Hampshire and New York. Drawing was a favorite childhood past-time that he never gave up…In spite of his all-consuming devotion to EC Comics, Skookum Indians, RC model aviation, Middle-English poetry and Classical music, Wally managed to illustrate over 60 books and create 600 cards for Pawprints.

Tripp was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 42 and had to retire from illustration soon after.


For a delightful romp through some of Wally’s wonderful handiwork, here are the archives

of Thomas Haller Buchanan and Michael Sporn which are tagged Wallace Tripp.