Larry Lieber Retires from The Amazing Spider-Man


Larry Lieber‘s last daily pencilled Spider-Man comic strip was dated September 8, 2018.

Beginning September 10, 2018 the dailies are pencilled and inked by Alex Saviuk.

Alex Saviuk is now the daily artist and Sunday penciller of The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip.


original August 2, 2018 post:

It seems Larry Lieber is retiring from daily penciling of The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip.

The Comics Kingdom Facebook page just posted this note from Alex Saviuk:

It’s OFFICIAL! Besides penciling the Spider-Man Sunday newspaper strip and inking the Dailies by Larry Lieber, I am now also penciling the DAILIES as well! I’ll be fighting the Sandman more than ever! No more sleep!

Larry has been the daily penciller for The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip for more than 30 years.

During that time Alex had occasionally subbed for Larry for a week here and there, in 1999 and 2011 and then earlier this year for a week.

Alex has been doing the Sunday Spider-Man pencils since 1997 and the daily inks since 2003.

No date for the takeover was given, and as of this writing Larry is still signing the dailies*.

Aside: It is generally known that Roy Thomas is the ghost-writer of The Amazing Spider-Man strip, wonder if he will get credit in a big switch?

* According to journalist and comics creator Frank Lovece: Larry drew his last daily strips during the last week of July. Assuming a four to eight week lead time, the fully-Saviuk daily strips should start showing up in September.