First ‘Macanudo’ Debuts on Comics Kingdom

Today is the official launch day for Liniers’ King Features’ comic “Macanudo.” Go check it out over at King’s site.



The Aberdeen News earlier introduced Macanudo to its readers,
today they welcome the debut strip to its pages.

Today’s strip may be most people’s introduction to Liniers and “Macanudo,” but he has amassed a career’s-worth of accomplishments before his U.S. newspaper debut.

For the last 16 years, “Macanudo” has been published daily in Argentina, and in English-language collections in the United States since 2014. Liniers today is one of the most popular cartoonists in South America: He has more than 950,000 followers on Facebook and more than 760,000 on Twitter.


Elsewhere the Kenosha News debuts Macanudo with an introduction:

“Macanudo” is the brain child of cartooning superstar Liniers, who started it in his home country of Argentine in 2002.

When it launched, Argentina was in economic distress. “It was crazy,” Liniers recalls. “We had five presidents in five days.”

This led to naming the strip “Macanudo,” which means “It’s OK, everything’s fine, cool or awesome.”

Liniers’ goal is to have the strip, distributed by King Features, to be a “little window of optimism in an apocalyptic world.”


Also today The Meadville Tribune adds Macanudo to its pages, along with Wallace the Brave and Pardon My Planet.

The international comic strip makes its U.S. newspaper debut this week, so our readers will join “Macanudo” from the beginning.

Here’s how distributor King Features describes it:

“You’ll meet all kinds of weird and wonderful characters, like Henrietta, a little girl with big ideas, and her teddy bear, Mandelbaum. You’ll also meet Martin and his best pal, a blue monster named Olga who resides in his imagination. You’ll meet whimsical gnomes and penguins, businessmen, furry creatures, artists and dreamers, and we know you’ll be very happy to make their acquaintances.”

“Macanudo” has generated a lot of buzz in advance of its U.S. release and I hope you give it a chance.

I also hope you give our other two additions a chance — “Wallace the Brave” and “Pardon My Planet.”