Frankensteinian – Bits from Here and There

It’s Mary Shelley’s birthday so I’m gathering pieces from various spots to compose a Quick Hits entry.


It’s BookFest all over the Nation

The Washington Post celebrates by commissioning cartoonist Patrick McDonnell to compose a simply wonderful comic strip featuring his Mutts characters.




Mr. Fish: Cartooning From the Deep End

The biographic documentary about cartoonist Dwayne Booth opens in Austin.

“He’s a real prodigy,” said [documentarian Pablo] Bryant, “and one of the things that differentiates him from other cartoonists is that he never branded himself. A lot of the advice that he got when he started out was ‘pick a style,’ and the whole idea of branding himself was sickening to him.”

Fish will flip between pop art, fine pen and ink lines, scratchy illustrations – whatever serves the individual cartoon best. “You can say that makes him a very poor businessman,” said Bryant, “but I think it makes himself a better cartoonist”

The Austin Chronicle has the feature story.



Falling in a Hole

Remember Wile E. Coyote falling through a hole placed by The Road Runner?

Well…Man falls into art installation resembling cartoon hole.

In other Wile E. news: Coyote vs Acme



The New 60

We mentioned these guys back here. When I saw this New York Post article about John Colquhoun and Andy Landorf I thought the paper had picked up their strip.


The Post didn’t pick up the strip, but here’s a nice update.



The World’s First Four-Panel Comic Strip Divided Lengthwise!

So Paul Trap put this out there last week. Can it possibly be true?


Paul doesn’t even qualify the statement. No “daily only.” No “in the United States.” Just “the world’s first four panel comic strip divided lengthwise.” Certain that Gil Kane had done at least one of his double-tier Star Hawks strips divided like that I checked the books. Nope.

I still can’t believe that it’s the first.

I’ll keep looking.