Deflocked Creator Jeff Corriveau Interviewed

Earlier this week Stephen Roth interviewed Jeff Corriveau about his Deflocked comic strip and life as a cartoonist.

GoComics: You’ve stated that DeFlocked is based loosely on Hippocrates’ Four Humors. Can you explain to those of us who aren’t Greek scholars what that means, and how you came up with the idea?

Jeff: Yeah, it’s this really classic biochemical taxonomy of human emotions and behavior. Holy cow, I think I just lost half the audience there. That’s some really awesome opener. “Hey, nice one, comic dude – I needed a nap.”

On being a young work-at-home parent and having a career:

That was a really tough time to be producing the daily comic. On the other hand, these were some of my most fruitful years of the strip’s run.

I’m now up to four hours of sleep a night.



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  1. Deflocked is one of the funnier “new” comics out there. It’s on my GoComics feed now.

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