Quick Hits – July 19

First I need to add to that San Diego Comic Con list of the other day.

I overlooked the Spotlight on Macanuda: Introducing the World of Liniers for Sunday July 22.

One of Latin America’s most acclaimed cartoonists, Liniers (Eisner Award nominee and Comic-Con special guest), talks about his popular Argentinian daily strip Macanudo, which begins U.S. syndication in September. C. J. Kettler (president, King Features) will introduce Liniers to American comic strip fans.



Also at the San Diego Comic Con from Bleeding Cool News:
The Dorothy McGreal Original Comic Strip Art Collection will be on display during the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con at Booth 1300 ‘Big Wow Comic Fest’, with most pieces available for purchase.
From 1966 through 1972, Dorothy McGreal published and edited The World of Comic Art, the first professional periodical of its kind in the United States. Devoted to the history of comic art and caricature, the magazine contained lavishly illustrated and meticulously researched articles on comics industry greats.
Strips from the collection include: The Wizard of Id (Parker & Hart), Beetle Bailey (Mort Walker), Abbie An’ Slats (Raeburn Van Buren), Superman (Wayne Boring), Barney Google & Snuffey Smith (Billy DeBeck), Kitty Higgins (Frank Willard), School Days (Clare ‘Dwig’ Dwiggins), Mutt & Jeff (Al Smith), Little Jimmy (Jimmy Swinnerton), Brenda Starr (Dale Messick), On Stage & Little Orphan Annie (Leonard Starr), Alfy (Ving Fuller), Felix the Cat (Otto Messmer), Big George (Virgil Partch), Harold Teen (Carl Ed), editorial cartoons by Carey Orr, Karl Hubenthal and Dick Locher, and many more.



King Features Syndicate‘s Tea at the Comics Kingdom blog, who I have to thank for the above Liniers notice, asked cartoonists about comics about comics.
Says cartoonist Patrick McDonnell:
I do a tribute to Comic-Con every year. Look for one in my upcoming Sunday cartoon this week.



Andrews McMeel Syndicate launched a new improved homepage last week, with “This Just In” (news illustrated with related comic strip), “Today’s Top 5” (editor’s picks), “Comics Directory”, and “Today’s Special” (which today features their comic con related comic strips).
That doesn’t mean you forget the work Stephen Roth and the GoComics crew are doing at their blog.
Now if only Creators Syndicate, Tribune Content Agency, and the Washington Post Writers Group would join King and AMS in having a more active publicity and fan-friendly online presence.



Randy Showstack at the Earth and Space Science News wrote up a really nice feature article about Jim Toomey and his Sherman’s Lagoon comic strip.
Every day, Sherman’s Lagoon, the popular comic strip, dishes up the goofy exploits of a happy-go-lucky shark, his wife, and their neighbors who live in a fictitious and mostly friendly tropical lagoon.
Sherman’s Lagoon “is about trying to find that human connection while also sneaking a conservation message in or an ocean fact,” cartoonist and strip creator Jim Toomey told Eos.



Lincoln Peirce returns to Big Nate! Early this year Big Nate went into reruns as GoComics explained:
Just a short update for those of you have noticed Big Nate is in reruns: Lincoln is not on vacation, but rather attending to family matters unrelated to Big Nate. There’s no firm timetable for Lincoln’s return, but rest assured, he has every intention to return to the drawing board as soon as he can.
This week (June 16, 2018) Lincoln returned to Big Nate with new daily strips. Reruns ran from Sunday December 31, 2017 to Sunday June 15, 2018 (a co8uple more Sunday reruns in the pipeline?). Anyway we  are happy to see Lincoln back and hope all is well.



Funny Ladies at The New Yorker – a panel discussion for the exhibit at The Society of Illustrators.
On Thursday, July 26th, the center of the New Yorker cartoon universe will temporarily shift from 1 World Trade Center (the magazine’s home) to the Society of Illustrators as the exhibit, “Funny Ladies at The New Yorker: Then and Now” kicks off with a panel of some of the best in the biz. New Yorker artist, Liza Donnelly, who curated the exhibit will moderate the panel discussion featuring the New Yorker‘s Cartoon Editor, Emma Allen, and New Yorker artists Roz Chast, Carolita Johnson, and Liana Finck.
Liza Donnelly:
This exhibition is a commemoration of some of the women who drew cartoons for The New Yorker past and present. It’s a celebration of their creativity and fortitude as they pushed past cultural stereotypes to create humor and offer the world laughter from all points of view.



Marge Duffy Devine kept the organization organized.
Devine began her secretarial career with King Features Syndicate where she met some of the most influential and successful cartoonists of the era. In 1946 she began her work with Rube Goldberg, Russell Patterson, C.D. Russell, Milton Caniff, and Otto Soglow in the formation of the National Cartoonist Society (NCS) and in 1948 she was inducted as the official Scribe for the lauded professional organization.