San Diego Comic-Con and The Funny Pages

The 2018 San Diego Comic Con (officially Comic-Con International: San Diego) begins later this week and today a few comic strips celebrated the annual event.

Funky Winkerbean (the comic strip, if not the character) is there hoping to win an Eisner Award.

While Sally Forth and family remain at the Trystero Con instead of THE Comic-Con.

La Cucaracha arrives in San Diego but gets abducted.

an aside: after nearly two months (beginning May 21, 2018) as “special guest artist” for the La Cucaracha dailies, shouldn’t Junco Canché just start getting credit as the daily artist?

At least there are a few days before Lalo Alcaraz is due at that Saturday panel. Lalo is one of just a couple of comic strip creators making an appearance at San Diego Comic Con.

Quickly scanning the programing schedule for this week’s Comic Con here are some of the panels that struck me as featuring comic strip creators (and a couple other panels that caught my eye).

Thursday July 19, 2018

10:30am – Spotlight on Maggie Thompson Celebrating Comics Buyer’s Guide
11:00am – Spotlight on Lynn Johnston
2:00pm – Focus on Robert Williams

Friday July 20, 2018

12:30pm – Pogo with Maggie Thompson, R.C.Harvey, Eric Reynolds, Mark Evanier.
1:30pm – Revolutionary Ink: The 50th Anniversary of Underground Comix

Saturday July 21, 2018

11:45am – Quick Draw with Segio Aragonés, Scott Shaw, Lalo Alcaraz, Mark Evanier.
3:30pm – Wimmen’s Comix with Trina Robbins, Mary Fleener, Lee Marrs, Carol Tyler.

Sunday July 22, 2018

10:00am – Yellow Submarine Surfaces in a New Graphic Novel with Bill Morrison.
10:00am – The Legacy of Politics in Classic Newspaper Comic Strips

There are, of course, many more panels, mostly dealing with movies, television, and even comic books. Very little to do with comic strips and none about editorial cartoonists.