The Incredible Mr. Fish

Shocking. Offensive. Truthful. These are all words that have been used to describe the work of controversial cartoonist Mr. Fish – aka Dwayne Booth.

I think outrageous is also applicable, because Fish seems to be outraged at the state of our country. And he explains why in this July 19, 2018 Yahoo Unfiltered article and video.

A child of the ’70s, Fish was hopeful that the activism of the 1960s – such as the civil rights, feminism and gay rights movements – would lead to a better society. “I couldn’t wait to grow up, because I saw all of these things that from the past were finally being shaken out. All the nonsense and the bulls*** was finally being called nonsense and bulls***, and I was ready to reap the rewards of living much more honestly and sane in a saner society.” Unfortunately for Fish, that hope has long since dissipated. “I am furious at the fact that all of those sacrifices seem like a waste of time.”

“In order to exhibit yourself as a leftist it seems now, all you have to do is maybe scissor up the plastic six-pack rings that you have and send them out into the ocean. Or you can use your reusable shopping bags and fill them with factory farm foods and put them in your SUV, and you’re an environmentalist,” says Fish. “Even on the other end, if you want to be seen as pro-American just demonstrate real discomfort around Hispanic people. People brand themselves with these concepts of who they are and what they are without any demonstration that goes deeper than fashion.”

[Fish] offers an unforgiving nonpartisan look at the corporations and politicians who shape our day to day, a mirror held up to the modern American life, highlighting its flaws and hypocrisy.

For more Fish see his homepage, but be prepared to be offended if you are partial to whoever is in office when you go there.