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On the Fastrack and Dick Tracy cross over

This Friday, Bill Holbrook and Mike Curtis and Joe Staton are crossing over On the Fastrack and Dick Tracy. Below are one panel samples from each as a teaser.

Dick Tracy:

On the Fastrack:

To see these features online, you can see Bill’s work on Comics Kingdom and Mike and Joe’s work on GoComics.

Community Comments

#1 Bill_Holbrook
@ 10:11 am

Thanks! Last year Mike proposed a meeting between Tracy and ?Fastrack?s? Dethany, who has an online alter-ego patterned after classic 1940s film noir detectives as she brings that sensibility to policing Internet wrongdoing. We arranged for the two sleuths to meet in their respective strips on the same date.

#2 David Reddick
@ 12:18 pm


A crossover of two of my favorite strips and even fave creators!

#3 Jerry Withers
@ 8:37 pm

Considering each comes from a different syndicator, that’s a pretty neat trick! Can’t wait!

#4 Joseph Collins
@ 9:53 am

This is the 2nd crossover I’ve seen Dick Tracy make.

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