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Dick Tracy to promote anti-bullying

Dick Tracy, also known as the first person to ever get an Apple Watch, will be promoting anti-bullying in future strips. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has a story how Dick Tracy writer Mike Curtis came to learn about modern anti-bullying efforts.

Comic writer Mike Curtis of Greenbrier attends church with Collin Engler, 11, and his mother, Millie Engler. Curtis was seeking information about anti-bullying efforts and how to best portray those in Dick Tracy when he met Collin.

After being bullied in the fourth grade in the Greenbrier School District, Collin decided to start an unofficial anti-bullying “task force” at his school, his mother said. Engler and his group of friends come to the aid of victims and even confront bullies on the playground.

“I’m so extremely proud of him,” Millie Engler said of her son. “It’s very hard to stick up for yourself in a public-school setting.”

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