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Over the Hedge hits 20 year milestone in comics

T Lewis and Michael Fry’s comic strip Over the Hedge has hit the 20 year mark in the funny pages.

Reed Jackson, over at GoComics writes:

The main source of their enjoyment is humans, whom the animals have ample time to watch and analyze from their perch in the suburban wilderness. And that’s the other key to the strip’s success, I think. Society has changed a lot in 20 years — when Hedge started, “Murder, She Wrote” was still delighting the tens of millions of people who regularly watched network TV — but human nature remains stubbornly the same, in all its bewilderingly cussed glory. RJ, Verne and Hammy have been faithful and incisive spectators of us, by turns amused, fascinated and disgusted, and they seem all the more human because of it.

Twenty years is quite the milestone. The strip was also made into a major animation motion picture in 2006. My congratulation to T and Michael.

Community Comments

#1 Steve Hubbell
@ 1:19 am

I have always thought that Over the Hedge was extremely underappreciated and overlooked, maybe because of the success of the animated film. Hard to believe that it has been running for twenty years now.

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