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Joe Bazooka to get former Disney CEO Michael Eisner makeover

Cartoon Brew reports that former Disney CEO Michael Eisner purchased the rights to the iconic Bazooka Joe character and is working to update the character for a potential animation film.

From Cartoon Brew:

Bazooka Candy Brands, a division of The Topps Company, owned by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, is collaborating with animation artists to give Bazooka Joe?the 60-odd-year-old bubblegum mascot?a makeover for a new generation.

Here’s Bazooka Joe classic:

And here’s some of the potential reworks:

I’d be more excited if Eisner was pitching a new character and project, but I guess when one’s career is made up of giving Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales makeovers and bleeding movie franchises dry with endless sequels, one shouldn’t expect much originality from the guy.

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#1 Mike Peterson
@ 3:25 am

You sure this isn’t a leftover April Fool’s gag?

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