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Interviewed: Weird Al and MAD Magazine’s John Ficarra talk about the Weird Al edition

'Weird Al' Talks About Editing MAD Magazine | Bryan Young

The Huffington Post’s Bryan Young talks to Weird Al and MAD Magazine’s John Ficarra about Weird Al’s Guest Editor edition.

BY: Al, how did this work on your part? I’m sure your schedule is already pretty busy, I mean you just got done shooting all kinds of music videos for everything and about to go on world tour, how were you able to fit this in?

Al: It fit pretty nicely into my schedule because we’d pretty much finished the bulk of promotion for Mandatory Fun and were just getting geared up for the World Tour so this was a nice time for me to be working on it. And having said that, also, John and the rest of the staff did most of the heavy lifting and I was able to be more of a glorified contributor. I was able to come up with a couple articles for the magazine, I was able to solicit help from a bunch of my friends to contribute pieces: Patton Oswalt, Seth Green, Emo Phillips, Chris Hardwick, John Hodgman, and more. It’s very much a “Weird Al” themed issue, so I’d like to think that there’s a lot of “Weird Al” flavor throughout but I think it’d be generous really to call me an editor.

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