Jack Davis announces he’s retiring. At age 90

From Wired magazine:

It?s not that the iconic 90-year-old cartoonist can?t draw anymore?he just can?t meet his own standards. ?I?m not satisfied with the work,? Davis says by phone from his rural Georgia home. ?I can still draw, but I just can?t draw like I used to.?

Fantastic career.

H/T: Tom Richmond

2 thoughts on “Jack Davis announces he’s retiring. At age 90

  1. There’s nobody around who can draw like Jack did, or does. What a talent, and it’s so inspiring as an artist that he worked for that long…if you do what you love for a living, you’ve got it made!

  2. Jack Davis will never retire, His cartoons live on in every line we draw. Every time we draw a shoe , an old porch, a hand ,a hound dog ,an old truck, Jacks cartoons will come to mind. JACK,you are a God.

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