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Chris Britt cartoon update: Philly Police org president wishes ill will on newspaper who ran cartoon

Chris Britt cartoon

This is almost comical now. In response to the Chris Britt cartoon featured above that ran in the Bucks County Courier Times. The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby wrote a letter to the editor expressing that the paper is only “allegedly respectable”, it’s going to hell as a “miserable parasites in the media” and ending with “here’s wishing you a bankrupt New Year.”

The executive editor of the paper posted a statement on Friday stating that cartoons are the opinions of the artist and not the editorial board and that they are committed to “steadfast support for law enforcement and those who work very hard to make Bucks County a better place to live.”

Community Comments

#1 Steve Hall
@ 9:29 am

Great cartoon. It’s a shame that McNesby doesn’t ‘get’ the role of editorial cartoons, but even more, that the executive editor of the paper doesn’t seem to ‘get’ it either.

Maybe the publisher of the Bucks County Courier Times should rename the paper the Bucks County Advertising TImes and give up any pretense of running a newspaper for Bucks County.

#2 Terry LaBan
@ 9:31 am

Britt didn’t exactly invent the notion that African Americans tend to be wary of the cops. I saw Michael Steele, former RNC chairman and anything but a flaming liberal, making the same point on MSNBC last night. McNesby isn’t exactly helping his cause by trying to, ahem, shoot the messenger.

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