Bucks County Courier Times advertisers targeted in protest for Chris Britt cartoon

After the Bucks County Courier Times ran a Chris Britt cartoon, a couple police organizations have written letters or made statements of protest. Someone has gone one step further and created a Facebook page called Standing Up Against BCCT with the goal of creating a list of local advertisers that do business with the paper so that citizens who feel like the paper was out of line can avoid patronizing such businesses. They also posted a copy of the letter of The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby sent to the paper wishing them bankruptcy.

Here’s what they’ve posted on their FB profile:

This page has been created to provide a listing of advertisers with Bucks County Courier Times. Please feel free to post the contact information of an advertiser in order to provide easier reference for those wishing to express their concern regarding the recently published cartoon and the editors response. When contacting an advertiser, we would encourage you to also provide the comment page link so they can review the reaction to this vile publication firsthand. The purpose of the page is to inform advertisers not attack them.

My guess is the person or persons behind this is inside the police establishment. That they’re doing it anonymously is troublesome. If suspicions are true, this means someone within the police establishment has created a ready-list of businesses they know are supporting the paper. Any one else find this troublesome? What happens when one of those businesses is burglarized? Are the police going to treat them differently?

Also Romensko reports that the police department has told all employees to stop talking to the press. Childish.

Via: Romenesko