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Pastis, Watterson Pearls Before Swine strips raise $41K in auction (UPDATED)

The three Pearls Before Swine strips that ran earlier in June that set off an internet wide speculation whether famed Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson was contributing artwork (he was!) were auctioned off last night. The combined value for all three strips was $41,000. Below is the break down of each strip.

Bill Watterson and Stephan Pastis

Bill Watterson and Stephan Pastis

Bill Watterson and Stephan Pastis

The break down seems about right to me. The second one that fetched nearly $20k is the most Watterson-esque and hence the more prized strip. Congratulations to the winners in the auction. And congratulations to Chris Sparks/Team Cul de Sac who have now raised over $165,000 for Parkinson’s Disease Research.

UPDATE: As Chris Sparks clarifies in the comments, the online auction portion has closed. The live auction begins today which will surely raise the value of the three pieces. For information on live auction options – visit and scroll down to “Signature Floor Session (Live Floor, Live Phone, Mail, Fax, Internet, and Heritage Live)”

Community Comments

#1 Chris Sparks
@ 11:08 am

Alan,The live auction starts today. There is a chance we could raise more. I would also like to thank Heritage Auction for giving back to the Michael J Fox foundation .0975 percent of the buyers premium. That raises another 4k for us on top of the 41k. I will have totals hopefully tonight!

Thanks to everyone who supports Team Cul de Sac. A big thank you to Mr. Pastis and Mr. Watterson!

Chris Sparks

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