AAEC convention program announced; Another must-attend

Satire Fest

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists annual convention will be held in San Francisco October 9–11. The event is being called “Satire Fest” – using the same acronym as San Francisco. For those interested in attending (or won’t miss it for the world), the program line-up has been posted. Subjects hit on a variety of things such as social media, crowd funding, international cartooning and several open-to-the-public engagements. Below is an outline of currently planned sessions. Looks like a great event. Head over to the site to read the descriptions. AAEC President Mark Fiore, who lives in the Bay Area, was able to tap into the rich local cartooning/arts community.

  • From Daumier to Damascus, Social Commentary in Cartoons
  • New Frontiers in Interactive Cartooning
  • Medium Well: The Future of Syndication in the Age of Medium
  • Salvation Through Patreon
  • Draw Off: Round One! Left vs. Right
  • Opening Reception: Slinging Satire
  • Cartoon Death Match!
  • Our Friends to the North
  • New Distribution Survival: Cartoonist Survival Skills in the Social Media Landscape
  • Graphic Journalism, Cartoon Reporting, Comics Journalism et al.
  • Hollywood in the House
  • Draw Off: Round Two! Cuba vs. USA
  • A Boatload of Cartoonists
  • A World of Cartoons
  • Journey to the Center of Your Brain: Live Idea-off!
  • From the Grateful Dead to Green Day, R. Crumb to Kozik
  • The Art of Caricature
  • Cartooning California
  • Final Bash: Cartoonapalooza!
  • Charles M. Schulz Museum Outing