One Million Moms mount campaign against Aaron MacGruder’s Black Jesus

Adult Swims Black Jesus

From the One Million Moms

1MM will defend our Savior because He is Holy! Adult Swim is obviously not a family network, and this program is set to air later in the evening when children should be asleep, but that is no excuse. Adult Swim has crossed the line by belittling the Christian religion with foul jokes.

We need to send a loud and clear message to Adult Swim, its owner Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (a Time Warner Company), and all potential advertisers of “Black Jesus” that this kind of programming is insulting and completely unacceptable. Adult Swim is not ridiculing any other religion currently and wouldn’t dream of mocking Mohammed or Muslims.

Other than being created by The Boondocks creator Aaron MacGruder I know very little about the Black Jesus show, but here’s the money quote from a good background story to this controversy from The Salt Lake Tribune:

One Million Moms and the American Family Association, which have previously targeted Honey Maid graham crackers,the Disney Channel show “Good Luck Charlie” and J.C. Penney for gay-friendly messages…

Here’s the trailer for the show:

4 thoughts on “One Million Moms mount campaign against Aaron MacGruder’s Black Jesus

  1. The trailer looks hilarious but I’m not sure a whole series will be able to pack enough jokes and storylines to keep people interested. Not a big fa of Boondocks, but this looks like some fun satire.

  2. Joan of Arcadia should have been a limited series, too. The concept didn’t have the legs to go on for very long, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good stuff while it lasted. Maybe MacGruder’s short attention span will save the day.

    As for a Million Moms, well, I remember when Rev Donald Wildmon’s gang of goofs threatened boycotts over Zeferelli’s “Jesus of Nazareth” back in the 70s, based on rumors that turned out to be totally foolish. Once it aired, conservatives embraced it.

    Prob’ly won’t happen with this one. Woody Guthrie had these folks pegged before most of them were even born: “If Jesus was to preach what He preached in Galilee, They would lay poor Jesus in His grave.”

  3. Sad thing is that I’m an adult, and I find almost everything on Adult Swim is trashy or offensive because it’s made to be. Bathroom humor and intentional offenses are their bread and butter…. If only Adult Swim could break with that nonsense and adapt Tim Rickard’s fun sci-fi comic Brewster Rockit: Space Guy into a series. Nothing offensive there. Just good clean humor any sci-fi loving adult can enjoy. There are other good print or web comics (Working Daze comes to mind) that would make for great animated (or live action) series. I reluctantly mention live action as even Cartoon Network has some original live action shows 🙁


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