Nancy, Sluggo cartoonist Guy Gilchrist to appear on 700 Club

Cartoonist Guy Gilchrist will be a guest on “The 700 Club With Pat Robertson” tonight.

Guy Gilchrist grew up in a poor family and was abused as a child. He wrote a personal song which was more of a poem describing his sorrow and how much he missed not having a Dad at the time. He says he used to walk into the woods and ask himself. ?Why is this happening to me?? That was when he realized that he has a Father in heaven and called him the man in the sky. From then on, Guy learned to do the things that make him happy and make others smile. Guy says he also found this ?father? in Roy Rogers.

Check your local listings for airings.

2 thoughts on “Nancy, Sluggo cartoonist Guy Gilchrist to appear on 700 Club

  1. Nicest Guy ever! I met him years ago while visiting the Museum of Cartoon Art when it was at Ward Castle in Port Chester, NY… He was drawing The Muppets at the time and drew my wife a Fozzy Bear cartoon… If memory serves, I think he was there for the first Sunday of the month lecture series they used to hold at the museum. It was a great day and even though I’m sure he doesn’t remember us, he made my wife’s day with that drawing. She still has it tucked away in her book of memories. It’s wonderful when someone who had a tough childhood turns out so well adjusted… Way to go Guy!

  2. Unfortunately, I never met Guy personally because he lives on the other side of the Big Puddle (I’m German), but I “know” him from Ted Goff’s fantastic The Wisenheimer board.
    According to his posts, he’s a pretty great dude and I love his “Your Anngels Speak” cartoons.

    Go on following The Man in the Sky, bud! God bless you!

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