Last THREE days of FundTDC! Have you donated?

We are in the last three days of the campaign to support The Daily Cartoonist. If you’re reading this, it’s because you read the blog. It might be “free” to you, but it’s not free to produce. There’s the hosting costs, my time and energies – both in posting news and links and behind the scenes taking care of email correspondence, sifting through news articles, blog posts, tweets, Facebook, etc. to find the stories that are interesting to you. And this next year, I’m going to be putting in extra hours. I’m working to make the site even better – better delivery and more news.

So here’s a little questionnaire. If you can answer yes to any one of these questions… you should donate.

1. Are a regular visitor to the blog?
2. Do you believe I offer something that would be amiss if the blog didn’t amiss… you should donate.
3. Have you not donated to in previous years despite being a reader?
4. Do you want to see The Daily Cartoonist grow and be become a better source of news and information?

There are only three days left. If you answered yes to any of those above, don’t put it off any longer, head over to the Indiegogo site and join the over a hundred others who are supporting the blog.