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Michael Cavna on the set with Alpha House

Comic Riffs Michael Cavna was a guest on the set of the filming of Garry Trudeau’s Alpha House and talks to Garry.

Even then, Trudeau had reservations early this year about how Amazon would decide which projects would be chosen for development: The studio let the public watch and vote. “Garry was still skeptical about their pilot process, because of the idea of putting it out there for everybody to peck away at,” Alter says. “But letting viewers have a voice worked very well for us.” (Once “Alpha House” was chosen, Trudeau, Alter and Elliot Webb formed Sid Kibbitz Productions – named after the “Doonesbury” character – and began hiring.)

“I don’t think Garry was a full convert,” Alter says, “till after we shot the pilot.”

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