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Profiled: Lalo Alcaraz and his role in Bordertown

NBC Latino talks to La Cucaracha creator Lalo Alcaraz on his role as a writer on the upcoming animated television series Bordertown.

The 49-year-old’s knack for delivering hard-hitting satire about the U.S. landscape is exactly what qualifies him to join the behind-the-scenes-crew of “Bordertown,” says Felix Sanchez, chairman of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts.

“Lalo can create a nuanced message that few Latinos can, exposing an entire story in just a picture and a few words,” says Sanchez. “And by embracing this opportunity, he has the ability to further educate and bring a new level of consciousness as it relates to the Latino community.”

There’s been a lot of buzz around Lalo’s involvement with the show. Based on his performance at the AAEC convention’s Cartoonists Death Match this summer, Lalo is immensely funny, talented and connected to the hispanic community. Very wise move to bring him into the show.

Community Comments

#1 JoeyCee
@ 4:59 pm

ummm how is he funny and talented?

#2 Mike Peterson
@ 6:52 pm

Well, when people laugh at him, it’s because he wanted them to. Not everyone can say that.

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