Time magazine looks at what makes Matt Bors stand out

Time Magazine looks at the success of Matt Bors in the comic world.

“I’m a lot more interested in breaking out from this little rectangle,” Bors said in a recent interview. His style demonstrates this well: Bors uses rich colors and strays from the standard white background that has become so ubiquitous in his craft. He sticks to a quirky illustrated style that relies heavily on the depiction of eyes and larger-than-life heads for his subjects – a style more closely related to comic books or made-for-adult cartoon television shows than newsprint. Bors’ cartoons, in short, work well on a computer screen.

My personal take? Matt is incredibly talented and that’s the lion’s share of his success. Add two other ingredients: reader’s acceptance of longer form comments (and the internet that makes it easy to provide) and the fact that as an altie his word count is about 95% less than other alties – which making his work much more approachable.

One thought on “Time magazine looks at what makes Matt Bors stand out

  1. The longer form style does allow the cartoonist to spell out a more compelling and thoughtful point or argument as opposed to the old school rim shot, one shot gag format. Matt’s work does this well. Congrats Matt on the Time article.

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