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#fundTDC update: Half way there – lots of cool perks

The Fund The Daily Cartoonist campaign has 10 days left to meet the goal of $5,000. In my mind, this is the toughest stretch. Those who are regular readers or friends of the blog have already donated. This last stretch is convincing those who haven’t yet contributed that it’s worth it.

Let me recap what I’m working for – what you’re supporting with your contribution:

1. Redesign – This is more than just a lipstick and a pretty bow, Visually, Am am re-architecting the site for a better experience whether you’re visiting from the desktop, tablet or mobile phone. I’m also investing in better hosting and a CMS that has better scalability, security and performance.
2. Refocus – I’m simplifying the focus on of the blog to just Creators, Publishers, Issues, and Technology. I won?t be cutting back on my current ?beat? of print/newspaper based cartooning but expect the circle of creators and publishers to get bigger.
3. Reorganize my sources ? I?m going to spend a lot of time reevaluating how I gather news and improving filtering genuine news from the noise that is social media.

My commitment in to the blog with my time is increasing. It will be a better blog for you. If you can support that, please head over and contribute. Several individuals and companies have provided some great perks, so even though everyone gets a better blog when I start rolling out the improvements, if you contribute you can keep

Books and Calendars:
3) Celebrating Peanuts, Charles Schulz
3) The Complete Calvin & Hobbes, Bill Watterson (paperback)
3) The Complete Far Side, Gary Larson
25) The Argyle Sweater 2014 Day to Day Calendar, Scott Hilburn
24) The Mighty Alice, Richard Thompson
25) The Fuzzy Bunch, Darby Conley
25) Reheated Lio, Mark Tatulli
5) When he was my age, Nathan J. DiPerri
5) My Guardian Grandpa, Nathan J. DiPerri

Original art:
Stone Soup by Jan Eliot (only 2 more!)

Exclusive advertising here at The Daily Cartoonist – 6 left

And don’t forget everyone who donates gets a one year free GoComics PRO subscription and if you’re not yet a member, a DailyInk subscription.

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