Mort Walker turns 90; Beetle Bailey turns 63

Michael Cavna has written an excellent post marking Mort Walker’s 90th birthday and notes that Mort’s iconic comic strip Beetle Bailey turns for 63 years today.

Today, Mort Walker celebrates his 90th birthday. And tomorrow, he marks the 63rd anniversary of the launch of his most famous comic strip, “Beetle Bailey.” All these decades later, the humanity-skewering mind is still at it, crafting quips and visual puns by the dozens. There’s no turning off that hard-wiring for humor. Above all, Mort Walker the cartoonist tirelessly remains one thing:

He is the ultimate Gag Man.

5 thoughts on “Mort Walker turns 90; Beetle Bailey turns 63

  1. Happy birthday, Mort! And thanks for serving our country! (Same goes to Private Bailey and the others at Camp Swampy.)

  2. Mr walker thanks for a life tome of laffter! OH YOUR BIGGEST FAN. Check out my stuff on the cartoonist studio. I am the warped side, studio602

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