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Matt Bors takes full time job with

Author and editorial cartoonist Matt Bors has announced that he has taken a full time job with to draw comics, write and manage The Nib – a collection of cartoons, comic journalism and non-fiction.

From his post on

Expect new editorial cartoons from me every week, as well as longer opinion comics, illustrated journalism, doodled takedowns, infographics, and, well, whatever I want, really. I’m being given incredible freedom here to do what I do.

I love the Freedom so much I’ll probably even go crazy and do some writing once in a while. That’s still a good medium for doing a few things, I guess.

Congratulations, Matt!

Community Comments

#1 Phil Judd
@ 2:12 pm

Happy Birthday to both…true legends in the cartoon strip world.

#2 Phil Judd
@ 2:13 pm

Oops. Wrong message in wrong post… :-)
Happy Birthday to Matt Bors when it happens. Have a lovely day… :-)

#3 Rich Diesslin
@ 12:29 am


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