Another Calvin and Hobbes original hits auction

Calvin & Hobbes for auction

Just a couple of months after an original Bill Watterson watercolor Sunday of Calvin & Hobbes went for an outstanding $203,150, comes another original Calvin & Hobbes to the auction block. This strip is a daily and was part of a swap of originals between Brian Bassett, creator of Adam@Home and Red and Rover, and Watterson back in 1986. Brian’s motivations last fall was to relieve a financial pinch created by a divorce and an upcoming marriage. This latest strip, however is being auctioned by Brian’s ex-wife Linda. Brian tells me he’s unsure of his ex-wife’s motivations. Both the Sunday original and daily are signed with best wishes to both Brian and Linda.

Another rare Calvin and Hobbes original comic strip is up for auction. The November 03, 1986 strip features Calvin making a get-well card with Hobbes with the ulterior motivation of her making his bed, putting away his clothes and feeding him. The original is signed by Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson to Brian and Linda.

The auction ends on February 21, 2013