Lance Armstrong is Sports Jerk of the Year

Tank McNamaras Sports Jerk of the Year

Universal Uclick, GoComics and Bill Hinds have announced that this year’s the 2012 Sports Jerk of the Year Award in Bill’s Tank McNamara strip.

Bill writes:

“While Lance’s actions for award consideration certainly accumulated over a number of years, 2012 was the year that many of his conflicting statements and untruths came to light. The public spoke – pun intended – loud and clear.”

He continues that after the passing of Tank’s co-creator Jeff Millar this yea’s announcement was done in Jeff’s memory.

“We’re continuing this in his memory and also for the readers who enjoy reading and submitting their thoughts. It’s become a great year-in- review of some of the notable moments in athletics.”

Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles last year after years of allegations and denials.

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