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Dan Wasserman leaves the Boston Globe. Kind of

Dan Wasserman cartoon

Boston area media critic Dan Kennedy is reporting that Boston Globe cartoonist Dan Wasserman has left the paper, but will continue to draw a Sunday local cartoon and his syndicated editorial cartoons, which the paper runs “several times a week.”

Kennedy reports that Wasserman called the move “more freedom for me, less overhead for the paper.”

In an email to me, Dan confirmed the details above and said his arrangement is what he calls a “buyout-leaseback” plan. He still works out of the same office, but is no longer on staff.

Community Comments

#1 Milt Priggee
@ 11:55 am

Another one bites the dust……..that’s- staff position.

#2 DOuG pRATt
@ 4:01 pm

I still take home delivery of The Boston Globe newspaper, with emphasis on “paper.” Wasserman is one reason why.

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