Corey Pandolph selling rejected New Yorker Cartoons to free his car

Rejected New Yorker cartoon

New Yorker cartoonist Corey Pandolph, (AKA Fake Rockstar, former Elderberries cartoonist, creator of Toby, Robot Satan and Barkeater Lake) woke up to find his car had been towed. As a struggling cartoonist/illustrator in New York, his income varied, so he took the creative route to raise the money to get it back by selling his rejected New Yorker cartoons.

This past year, however, has taught me to sit up and take these hiccups in stride – And in the big picture of things, having your car towed is really just a hiccup. Maybe I’d sell some stuff. Maybe I’d pawn some stuff. In the end, I uploaded some new rejected New Yorker cartoons to an Etsy store, went to Twitter to promote and wait to see what would happen.

Thanks to many people – some I know and some I don’t – the word got out and it became a silly story on HuffPost Arts and 1010 WINS Radio.

And it is a silly story – “Cartoonist Sells Art To Get Car Out Of Tow” is a silly story. I’d really like my car back. My wife would really like our car back. We don’t NEED our car back, but the logistics of not getting it back would SUCK. I’m still trying to find a way with the resources I have. I’ve sold enough to get halfway to my goal, which is pretty cool already.

4 thoughts on “Corey Pandolph selling rejected New Yorker Cartoons to free his car

  1. Hey, Corey. If your car’s still in hoch, I’d swap my ’93 Tercel for the whole batch…reject slip included. I’ll even throw in a set of jumper cables!

  2. That is a lovely original Corey. Do you draw your cartoons with blue lines on the side? I assume they don’t reproduce. Great art and gag anyway!

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