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Wanna be on TV? Are you a walking cartooning encyclopedia?

I was forwarded a note that a casting agent is looking for someone with “encyclopedic knowledge of cartoons” to be on a prime-time TV game show.

Here’s the information from Gina (the casting agent). Her email is below. Send her your info if you’re interested. If you are selected, please let me know so I can promote it.

New prime-time TV game show seeks people with extraordinary, encyclopedic knowledge of cartoons past and present who are ready to strut their knowledge for a shot at a life-changing cash prize! Open to other subjects as well. Email with basic info, age, location, phone number and photo.

Community Comments

#1 Gary Brookins
@ 4:27 pm

Art Wood! He’d have it in the bag.

#2 Milt Priggee
@ 5:32 pm

Yer right Gary….Art is da man…!

#3 Justin Riley
@ 10:12 pm

I nominate Tom Racine

He’s very knowledgeable and would be good on tv.

#4 Bob Weber Jr.
@ 11:26 am

Mark Evanier gets my vote.

#5 Tom Racine
@ 6:39 pm

Thank you, Justin, but you way overrate my knowledge. :)

#6 Justin Riley
@ 10:05 pm

Self-deprecating retort. Classic Racine.

I think you’re exactly who they’re looking for. Should probably study though. You might have to compete with some idiot savants.

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