Help fund MAD documentary looks like a great project.

My name is Alan Bernstein – I am the Co/Producer and Director of the movie When We Went MAD! a documentary that explores the history and influence of MAD Magazine. Whether you grew up reading MAD, had a brother or sister who read it, or remember a parent who proclaimed it “pure trash” – chances are you have a connection to MAD. We already have twenty interviews shot featuring current and former MAD artists, writers, and editors.
To continue production on the project, When We Went MAD! is raising capital with a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter until February 9, to raise funds to cover the cost of travel, equipment rental, and post production. Everyone who pledges will be acknowledged with a certificate of recognition and insider updates regarding the film’s release. Larger contributions can include perks such as DVDs of the movie, T-shirts, posters, and the highest level includes an Executive Producer credit on the project. Kickstarter is an all or nothing service – it we don’t meet our goal, everyone gets their money back.
The best way for us to be successful is through word of mouth. Thus, this email I am sending out. Even if you choose not to contribute, would you please share this with your friends? Forward this email, post a link to us on Facebook, talk it up at parties. Ask your friends where they were when they first read MAD. The conversation (and the intangible benefit of participation in this project) can go on and on. And you can proudly claim, “What, Me Worry?”

Only 10 days left and it’s only hit the half way point. Great incentives to donate.