Winsor McCay was targeted in shake-down scheme

Fascinating story about a woman who approached famed cartoonist Winsor McCay to threaten a lawsuit against him if he didn’t pay her money. The woman claimed his wife had broken up her marriage and she was prepared to go to the press.

Irene Lamkin showed up with a man at the dressing room door of Winsor McCay, while he was performing at the Hammerstein Theater. She confronted the cartoonist, saying that her husband?s interest in Mrs. McCay had broken up their marriage.

The man who accompanied Irene Lamkin informed McCay that he would have to pay Mrs. Lamkin to keep her silence, or she would sue Mrs. McCay for breaking up her marriage. Irene Lamkin told Mr. McCay that he could not stand the disgrace because it would ?come out? in the newspapers.

Via Mike Lynch

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