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Stephanie McMillan publishes American Fall

Stephanie McMillan’s graphic journalism book, “The Beginning of the American Fall: A Comics Journalist Inside the Occupy Wall Street Movement” is now available. The book is about the Wall Street Movement, in fact you might have seen parts of it over on Cartoon Movement.

Community Comments

#1 Mark Juhl
@ 12:18 pm

I’d love to compare it to the film “Occupy Unmasked”

#2 Jim Lavery
@ 3:10 pm

Yeah, man, food, not bombs fed the crowds. Like totally.

#3 Donald Rex Jr.
@ 10:18 pm

I see OWS as the most intellegent and effective force in American politics since the Federalist Papers. Voting for political party candidates is meaningless because no matter which is in office the results never change. Since when do Presidents create jobs anyway? Absurd.

Just say no to government.

#4 Michael Jantze
@ 8:56 am


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