Success in Comics seminar heads to east coast

Chad Carpenter and Bill Kellogg’s Success in Comics seminar is heading to the east coast. The last two events were in Las Vegas. The duo is taking the show to Annapolis, MD February 16-17th. The line up looks top notch too.

  • Chad Carpenter – Third time speaker, creator of Tundra the most widely self-syndicated strips in papers
  • Bill Kellogg – Third time speaker, the marketing muscle behind Tundra; founder of Ink Bottle Syndicate
  • Tom Gammill – Second time speaking, creator of The Doozies, infamous producer of the Learn to Draw video series
  • Tom Richmond – NCS president, and MAD Mag usual gang of idiots cartoonist
  • Amy Lago – Second time speaker, comics editor at Washington Post Writers Group
  • Jeff Keane – Former NCS president, Family Circle cartoonist
  • Stephen Silver – Character designer for Disney, Nickelodeon
  • Ed Steckley – Illustrator, cartoonist
  • Mark Simon – Producer, director, cartoonist
  • Tim Brennan – President of Reed Brennan Media Associates which does comic page layouts for hundreds of newspapers
  • Mark Anderson – Second time speaker, runs one of the best pay-per-use comic sites on the web

You can read more about the presenters and their topics over at the Tundra site.

I’ve been to each of the previous events and it’s always interesting and informative. Each evening includes socializing, networking, and drinking in the hospitality suite.

Cost for the seminar is $375, plus your hotel and travel. Bill’s got a payment plan if you need to break it up over a couple of months.

You can read my coverage of the last two weeks by scrolling through the search archives.

Disclaimer: I attend each seminar as Chad and Bill’s guest for helping promote and cover the event.

15 thoughts on “Success in Comics seminar heads to east coast

  1. I went to the first one and it was fantastic. Chad and Bill do a great job and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to better their career as a cartoonist.

  2. I attended last year. The majority of the speakers were excellent, and focused on the business side of cartooning – for example creating new markets and developing relationships with new clients, learning how to monetize your work both online and in print, etc. It was not a “YOU can get rich from cartooning” thing. It was a solid, workshop-based training for serious cartoonists (amateur and professional) who want to learn additional ways to generate revenue for their work. If you’re already making a great, stable living for you and your family through cartooning, this probably isn’t for you, and if you haven’t spent any time developing your work and think this is a shortcut to fame and fortune, this isn’t for you. Anywhere in between, I would recommend this as a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

  3. Has anybody thought about recording these sessions? I’m in the deep south and just can’t get to Maryland (or Vegas, for that matter)- at least not this year. I’d be interesting in getting a copy for a reasonable fee.

  4. That’s a good idea. They could just sell a set of dvds on ebay or something with an updated version each year. I don’t think there’s any real danger of it canibalizing the audience, I only see positive growth and increased awareness.The seminar is probably too much time, travel, and expense for a lot of people, myself included, but I’d gladly pay $50 for the dvds.
    The syndicates get over 5,000 submissions a year, that’s a lot of potential customers.

  5. Just got out my calculator and the dvds or downloads would actually be more profitable than the seminar and would continue to generate profit even if the seminars were eventually discontinued.

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