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Worthy Kickstarter: Matt Bors cartoon collection

Editorial cartoonist Matt Bors has a Kickstarter project to fund a collection of his cartoons along with essays. Great title too: “Life Begins At Incorporation: cartoons and essays”.

I’m in. Glad to see Matt do this.

Community Comments

#1 Ann Telnaes
@ 11:53 am

Anybody else having trouble with this link?
I’m getting an error message.

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 2:14 pm

I just realized I didn’t include the link. It’s been added or you can just click here.

#3 Jeff Darcy
@ 11:18 am

I’ve read on his web page that he’s already met half his goal.
That’s great. But I’m surprised his syndicate’s book division
isn’t publishing this collection. Didn’t he get absorbed into
Universal when they took over United?

The quick start to the kickstart clearly show’s there’s a market
demand for a collection that you would think would interest
a publisher.

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