Steven Artley retires from editorial cartooning

Steve Artley cartoon

Mike Rhode is reporting that Alexandria Times editorial cartoonist Steven Artley is walking away from editorial cartooning. Steve’s Facebook announcement reads:

“My editorial cartoons are no more. I am done, finished, kaput. Earlier today, I stepped down from the Alexandria Times. I guess it’s time to try something else. What that something else may be, I don’t know. Anyway, thanks to those of you who ”liked“ my work and left supportive comments.”

Steven has expanded on his reasoning. You can read that on Mike’s blog.

3 thoughts on “Steven Artley retires from editorial cartooning

  1. Steve, I understand the frustrations you’ve found all too well, but all the same I’m sorry to see you give this up. I hope you find a new outlet for your talents, and wish you all the best.

  2. Steve, sorry to hear this but I can understand what’s led you to this decision. I know you’ll take this as an opportunity to find a different way to use your talent to express your opinions. Keep drawing and creating.

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