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Dave Kellett creates own custom drawing table

Sheldon creator Dave Kellett took on the task of building a custom standing drafting table for himself after dealing with repetitive posture problems. Okay – so he designed it and his brother (a home builder) did the actual carpentry. The result is gorgeous. A lot of attention to detail.

Custom drafting table created by Dave Kellett

He has more photos of the original sketch and the various stages of being built on his blog.

Community Comments

#1 Marc Davidson
@ 1:51 pm


#2 Joe Engesser
@ 2:59 pm

A real beaut!

#3 Keith Brown
@ 8:02 pm

I like the standing aspect.

#4 Chris Sparks
@ 8:32 pm

I love this guy!
If you look at his books he has that nice Team Cul de Sac book!
The man has great taste!

#5 Donald Rex Jr.
@ 12:54 am

Looks like a left-hander. At least in the day time.

#6 birdie Birdashaw
@ 5:20 am

I thought Dave’s first drawing table was quite amazing, this one really takes the cake!

#7 Jeff Payden
@ 10:45 am

I’m envious. That’s a beautiful desk. Don’t think I could draw standing up.

Although I have a desk of sorts to work on, I do most of my cartooning on a small portfolio I created. It’s constructed of black presentation board and is slightly larger than my original strips (roughly 7×18). It has a cover and flaps to protect it from the weather and is sturdy enough to draw on which allows me the flexibility to draw just about anywhere. Low-budget, but effective.

#8 Matt Bodkin
@ 7:19 pm

That’s great. I’m tempted to ask how much it would cost… but then I’d have to ask how much it would cost to ship to NY, then I’d just be sad.

#9 Dave Stephens
@ 7:52 pm

Great article – great blog posting – GREAT DESK! And speaking as a cartoonist living here in San Diego, I know what I want for Christmas…

#10 David Jones
@ 3:37 pm

That’s a cool desk. All I have is a board which I place in my lap… Maybe that’s why my comic strip so horribly bad…… lolol!!!!!!!

#11 John Sanford
@ 7:39 pm

Dave should publish the plans and a tutorial on how to build the desk. Also, the guy who said “Yawn”? He’s a jerkoff.

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