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Stephan Pastis to release book to make people hate puppies. And rainbows.

Friends Should Know When Theyre Not Wanted: A Sociopaths Guide to Friendship

Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis continues to roll out books – the latest isn’t even a comic book.

Here’s what he wrote on his blog:

If you’ve ever walked into a bookstore and taken a glance at the gift book section, it’s enough to make you cry.

Not in an emotional, “I feel kinda touched” way. But in a “Good lord, do people really buy this crap?” way.

The books are sappy. They are trite. And you can’t shake a stick without hitting a rainbow or a puppy.

So I wrote my own.

Book is entitled, Friends Should Know When They’re Not Wanted: A Sociopath’s Guide to Friendship.

Community Comments

#1 rodd perry
@ 1:31 pm

I hate books like this.

#2 Naus
@ 3:54 pm

seems funny, but I’d rather see him do a childrens story, or at least an adult childrenish story.

#3 Andrew Caddell
@ 8:58 am

Not going to buy it.

#4 Mary Catherine
@ 12:16 pm

Definitely will get it….Pastis is hysterical!

#5 Jason Nocera
@ 12:56 pm

it’s disappointing to see it filled with stock art

#6 Mark_Tatulli
@ 8:27 pm

It’s not stock art. It’s stock photography. And if you know anything at all about stock photography, it’s generally some of the most unintentionally funny images in the world. Especially with the right caption.

#7 Joe Engesser
@ 10:59 pm

How’d you get Bristol to pose for the front cover?!

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