Andy Marlette, Rob Rogers are covering the RNC (Updated!)

At least two editorial cartoonists are covering the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. The local cartoonist at the convention is Andy Marlette of the Pensacola News Journal. Flying in from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is Rob Rogers.

From Andy’s coverage:

Andy Marlette cartoon

The halls are filled with star-shirted delegates from Texas, camouflaged-capped NRA members, at least one Lincoln impersonator and a lot of folks in suits. There is the sense that they all probably make more money than cartoonists. Karl Rove and Ron Paul walk among all of us. Jon Voight had everybody talking at him as he moved through a swarm of cellphone cinematographers. He was walkin’ here!

Rob’s journey to the convention is a bit more than just attending to draw sketches for the paper. This year he partnered with The Toonseum and is raising money through Indiegogo to produce a documentary of covering a convention as a cartoonist. He’s attended each convention since 1988. As he writes on the Indiegogo page:

Journalism as we know it is changing dramatically. Newspapers are struggling to stay alive. Editorial cartoonists have suffered along with them, sometimes being the first to be let go when a company downsizes. I hope this mini-documentary, aside from giving a humorus look behind the curtain of our political process, will help show how cartooning and newspaper journalism are still an important part of our collective dialogue.

He?s raised $4,000+ so far. If you?re inclined to help – please head over and donate.

Rob Rogers cartoon

UPDATE: I found out that Walt Hanelsman of Newsday is also at the convention. He’s also posting sketches.

Also found out Scott Stantis (Chicago Tribune) is also there covering the convention.