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Controversial cartoon of Jesus causing ruckus in Germany

This cartoon by Mario Lars has many in Germany upset

A cartoon by on display at the caricature museum in the German city of Kassel is raising a ruckus. The cartoon depicts Jesus hanging on the cross and words coming down from heaven, “Hey, you. I f—– your mother.” Religious officials have called it offensive and have asked the museum to remove it to which the museum head Martin Sonntag is stated that they couldn’t “remove caricatures after every complaint.”

According to German news magazine Der Spiegel, the artist Mario Lars states, “It was not my intention to hurt the feelings of the faithful. I was just making a joke… [The church] should stand aloof of such things and address more important problems. Such a large commotion over a small joke isn’t good for the church.”

Community Comments

#1 Joe Engesser
@ 5:26 pm

Enough to make Herkules hurl.

#2 Jim Lavery
@ 5:32 pm

I bet ya they’d remove a vulgar caricature of Muhammad awfully fast after Muslim clergy complaints. Sorry, complaint.

Just kidding. They’d never put up a vulgar caricature of Muhammad to begin with. That’d be wrong.

#3 Jeff Payden
@ 10:27 am

It’s sad and pathetic how low some people will go to try and gain attention and perhaps worse to tell the people you’ve offended how they should react.

#4 Gerry Mooney
@ 2:38 pm

Ya know I could care less about christianity and religion, but this is just crude without being funny. I’m honestly stumped why anyone would draw it in the first place.

I’m going out on a limb here and saying, the first rule of cartooning is either be funny or make a point! This does neither.

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