Facebook bans Larry Pickering for Aussie PM cartoon

Cartoon that got Larry Pickering banned from Facebook for 3 days

Australian political cartoonist Larry Pickering says he is banned from Facebook for three days after complaints about a recent cartoon depicting a naked Prime Minister Julia Gillard with a strap-on dildo saying “You’ll wake up on July 1st and nothing will have changed” (speaking of a carbon tax). He was threatened with permanent banning if he didn’t remove the cartoon from Facebook – which has since done. It’s up on his blog. He has another administrator posting updates on his behalf.

4 thoughts on “Facebook bans Larry Pickering for Aussie PM cartoon

  1. Hmmm let’s see…
    First, Jobs’ App store denies Fiore’s Pulitizer winning quality work because he criticized a public figure.
    Now, Pickering is threatened with permanent censorship because somebody complained.
    The funny part is that some people think I’M crazy for saying the profession of editorial cartooning is dead.
    Editorial cartooning is dead ….because the environment that once supported this great American has been extinct for decades.
    The world just has a bunch of cartoonists that have ignored that fact…….

  2. Banned? It could be worse…he could be one of the poor suckers who bought Facebook stock at the Initial Public Offering of just over $38 bucks only to see it FREEFALL BY 32%. As for the cartoon…is there an X-rated pseudo Facebook that he might possibly join?

  3. Larry Pickering WAS an Australian political cartoonist. He retired over 20 years ago and has been drawing the odd cartoon and posting it to Facebook. In his heyday in the 80’s he was the most popular cartoonist in Australia. Since then we only see him in headlines like this. It’s a disappointing way to see a good artist embarrass himself.

    Facebook shouldn’t censor cartoons, but then it’s their website and they can do whatever the hell they want. I wouldn’t post this sort of stuff on Facebook, but I would be outraged if it was flagged either. If it were 4chan, however…

  4. Seems they really wanted to make it popular…
    Guess what cartoon just got posted on my facebook page…

    Suck it up – censor-bots…. ;-}

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